Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Global Warming

I think the Earth is warming and here is part of my historical proof.

From the book “Highlanders”, John Macleod, 1996, Hodder and Stoughton.

I started reading this book several years ago and then set it down and lost track of it. I remembered it again when my cousin, a young liberal who immigrated from Scotland to Canada wrote me to complain about our lack of participation in Kyoto. I finally found it again in my attic.

Pg 21-22

“Then the last ice age began. And Scotland was covered by an ice-cap whose edge ran 2,000 miles from Iceland to Norway. When it ended, so much water remained locked in the polar cap that the sea level was about 400 feet lower than today. A succession of climatic changes radically altered the flora and fauna of the Highlands. Yet even as late as 1000AD, Lewis was covered in scrub forest, according to Viking saga. Skye and Mull were well wooded as late as the 16th century.

Two climatic waggles occur in this historic era. Around AD 1000, before the Norman conquest of England, the climate of Europe became freakishly warm, and remained so for two centuries. Vineyards could flourish 300 miles further north than they can today. But there was a comeback. The period from 1430 to 1850 was so cold it has been dubbed the Little Ice Age. ……In our own century, between 1890 and 1938, there was an oscillation; sea temperature rose by half a degree, and there were apocalyptic prophecies that the whole Arctic might thaw, the sea level rise and half the cities in Europe be inundated.”

This is about all he writes about the temperature in the part I have read, after all it is a book about the Highlands, not the environment.

Please note the dates, and please, please, try to blame President Bush for this…….or America for that matter. S**t happens, the earth has cycles, talk to me again in 300 years when your complaining about global chilling.
But the Earth is warming...and cooling...and warming....and cooling....blah, blah, blah.....

What is your Star Trek personality?

OK, as my wife would probably agree, I have a bit of geek in my system. The test is linked to the title.

Media bias

The link is in the title, with another example below.


The media, or at least the main stream media is extremely biased, biased towards the socialist views of the left. It has been stated that up to 90% of reporters are liberal. How can those on the left say it is biased the other direction. It is only the advent of the internet, talk radio, and FOX news that has allowed a different, less biased view of the news.

Here is the way to handle extreme partisan reporters or news outlets.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Pharmacuticals and cost

Here is the reason drugs cost so much. It is linked in the title. Got to give the French their due credit on this, but pay attention to the cost. Someone does lots of research to find these drugs/cures, and the consumer must pay for it. Period.

Why the UN (and France) Suck(s)

Attached is a blog column that points out what our media will not. Why not? Because it makes the French and the UN look bad instead of us.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

An answer to Europeans whining about our election

This was borrowed from another blog site, it is too important and relevant not to be spread around. It is linked into the title and as usual, the post is in the first comment section.

For any of you who have not yet seen Herbert E. Meyer's The Siege of Western Civilization, go buy it, sit your children down and watch it. This his latest, from The American Thinker, an open letter to the Euroweenies:

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Social Security ...All you need to know


Thursday, November 18, 2004

527 donators

Want to see who gave how much money to 527 groups?

Rant and Rave

If you stop by and just want to make a comment about something not already posted, well, here is your place to do so.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

what is your political persuasion?

An interesting way to place yourself in the greater political world.....its linked to the title.

And for those who did not get enough, here is a second test, for comparisons sake.


Friday, November 12, 2004

ANWR drilling

Here is a great resource on the issue of drilling in Alaska.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Quotes from notable persons

I posted the quotes as the first comment to this post so as to keep the size of the front page manageable.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Great resourses

Here are the CNN & CBS exit polls.

Olive branches

I think the next few months will be quite interesting. Bush waited a whole week after his “mandate” to dump Ashcroft and now he’s using his political capital to push for temporary legal status for illegal immigrants.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kerrys voting record

Is it any wonder that the best the democrats could nominate was defeated? This link will take you to a place to see all the vote made by the senate. Click on any legislation there, even those supported by democrats, and guess who did not vote. Yup, John and sometimes John. Senator Kennedy proposed a bill to give money to jurisdictions that prosecute hate crimes (aren't all crimes hateful?) and Kerry could not even support this very liberal directed and supported bill. What does this say about Johnny boy? All yap. Sometimes, putting your vote where your mouth is speaks volumes, and silence speaks volumes too.

Democratic Realism

I came across the transcripts for a speech given by Charles Krauthammer on Democratic Realism. Wow! I think I have a new favorite talking-head and commentator. Definitely worth the read.


John Kennedy was a democrat. He cut taxes in 1963 to stimulate the economy, and it worked. He said in a well known speech that we should "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". As far as I know, this has been largely forgotten by modern day democrats. Today the liberal mantra is what can your government do for you. Steal from those who work hard for their success and give it away. Reagan followed in Kennedys footsteps with tax cuts in 1982, again they worked and America was prosperous, regardless of the socialistic ways of Carter that dragged us into recession. Bush has cut taxes too, and it is working. By studying history we can replicate its successes.

Winners need not concede

Some folks in the media think that President Bush should be more inclusive and offer an olive branch to the democrats after he soundly defeated them in the presidential race. I think this si the wrong way to handle things. Remember when he first became the Commander in Chief in 2000 he offered overtures to the democrats, even allowing senator Kennedy to write the "no child left behind" bill which was supported by the president, even if it was not supported by many republicans, and the results.....not thanks, not a working relationship, nothing but grief. The democrats attacked the president on his every decision, even those they originally supported, like the power to use force in Iraq. The democrats have shown time after time that they want absolute power, not concessions. I think the president should do what he wants this term and let the democrats eat crow since they have a history of not working with republicans, even after an olive branch is offered.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Gun Control

It is a horrible thing! The assault weapons ban has expired and look at all the new assault weapon crimes. Oooops! There aren't any. Guess it was just another liberal attempt to scare people into giving up their second amendment rights......now who wants to talk about civil rights being taken away? I believe it was a democrat that tried to take away our second amendment rights.


Democrats, especially those with extreme leftist leanings, always want to portray President Bush as an extremist who will take away civil rights. Does anyone notice that he is the only president to have appointed 4 blacks to cabinet level positions? When did a democrat do that.....oh yea, Clinton with his surgeon general....who quit. Colin Powell is secretary of State, Alphonso Jackson is Secretary of Housing and Urban development, Rod Paige is Secretary of Education, and lets not forget Condoleeza Rice as National Security Advisor. Lets not leave out the other minorities on the cabinet. Elaine Chao is secretary of Labor, and Norman Minetta is secretary of Transportation. Show me a democrat that has appointed so many women and minorities to positions ofpower in the federal government.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sports are Great

...and non-partisan. If we could all sit down on a Sunday afternoon and solve all our problems life would be easier, to bad not everyone is a football fan. I'll raise the minimum wage if the Bengals beat ........Wouldn't that be sweet, everyone knows that on any given Sunday any team can beat any other team. Now WHAT ABOUT THEM STEELERS!!!!!!! Obviously I am writing this after a great butt whipping of the Eagles.....

Conservative and happy

I must say that the last month had held me in a state of total trepidation, mixed with lucid periods of hope and paniced periods of despair. Thank God it is over. I spent countless hours of unpaid volunteer time working with the local GOP offices in a state where I cannot even vote, all to ensure 4 more years of freedom from socialism, and freedom for capitalism. It worked. All the stress and hard work paid off. The county I live in is 1/3 republican, and 2/3s democrat, according to political affiliation papers we got at the county board of elections. During the course of November 2nd, we had couriers bringing in the precinct voting roles so we could go through and see who needed to be called with a "go vote" reminder. I remember being distressed at the number of democrats I saw voting. This county went to Bush, two to one. They switched, Reagan democrats to the rescue, people who have the intelligence to see the truth and undersatand the dangers of the future, bless the conservative democrats.