Wednesday, January 05, 2005 needs to move on

Got this from a GOP County chairman I know. If you want to sign a petition against them it is linked to the title. Most of the article will be posted under the first comment of this post.

ALERT: Because "The Point" offers a rare conservative voice on network television, has launched a campaign to silence this nightly commentary on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations across America. Your help is needed!Infamous for ultra-liberal skullduggery funded by foreign-born multi-billionaire George Soros, is colluding with Media Matters for America in an effort to twist advertisers' arms and economically smother Sinclair Vice President Mark Hyman's commentary that counters in a small way the pro-Democrat deluge that inundates viewers from other news sources.Don't let coerce this voice!


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Richard Nixon said...

And now the rest of the story.....

We need to be urging Sinclair advertisers to not only reject this dangerous ploy by a despicable organization and encourage The Point, but to urge additional media to correct lopsided news presentation so that conservative voices aren't so rare on America's TV screens!TAKE ACTION: takes issue with Hyman having the nerve to state such facts as: * "Religion, particularly Christianity, has been under attack by the left for several years." * "(The angry left) ridicule what red-staters see as moral values, and in their arrogant and superior way the angry left substitute their own topics they claim to represent real moral values: unjust war, tax relief and indifference to the environment." * "Mainstream America will not vote for a (Democratic) party run by Hollywood liberals, greedy trial lawyers and clueless academia." * "The facts never have and never will matter to the angry left." just doesn't get THE POINT! These statements are TRUE! Instead of being silenced, such points ought to be included in the commentary that masquerades as news elsewhere. That these facts aren't otherwise reported shows how major media not only is unbalanced and unfair but uninterested in the truth.Click through now to sign a petition urging Sinclair advertisers to REJECT the shrill voices of the radical left coming from

NOTE: Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to make their voice heard LOUDLY in opposition to the socialist wannabe's at Thank you!


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