Thursday, April 07, 2005

Misc 2

More "bullets" about random subjects.....

TODAY'S REAL MONEY QUOTE"In short, S.359, the Craig-Kennedy Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2005 (better known as the AgJobs bill), amounts to an amnesty for a class of illegal aliens. While the proponents insist it is something else - for example, 'hard-earned legalization' - there is nogetting around the fact it hugely rewards people for coming to this country illegally. And, as we have seen with previous, misbegotten immigration amnesties, the effect is to encourage more people to do so."- Frank Gaffney Jr. of the Center for Security Policy
PLUGGING BORDER HOLES "Dozens of would-be illegal aliens sat huddled in the desert less than a mile south of the U.S.-Mexico border late Sunday night, stopped by a blockade of civilian volunteers protesting the government's immigration enforcement policies," reports the Washington Times today. "So far, 118 illegal aliens have been arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol based on calls from Minuteman volunteers along a 20-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border,where limited patrols began Friday."Who would have thought that simply monitoring the border would deter illegal crossings? Duh.-Chuck Muth


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