Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Protect our borders

ALERT: Once again, radical Islamists have shown their true nature, murdering dozens of innocent men and women in London, and injuring hundreds more. The date of 7/7 -- the day of the London bombings -- will live in infamy with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, as a day when civilization was brutally, bloodily betrayed.
We share the sentiments of British Prime Minister Tony Blair: "We are united in our resolve to confront and defeat this terrorism." But are we doing what REALLY needs to be done to "confront and defeat" the determined, well-organized international enemy who attacks us? Are we taking even the most basic steps to AT LEAST make it difficult for terrorists to come in and set off bombs in cities across our nation?
NO -- because our government is doing almost NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal aliens into America.
As Michelle Malkin has written, "Remember: More than half of the 48 Islamic radicals convicted or tied to recent terrorist plots in the United States over the past decade either were themselves illegal aliens or relied on illegals to get fake IDs. Illegals participated in the first attack on the World Trade Center, the Los Angeles Millennium bombing plot and the New York subway bombing conspiracy. Three of the 9/11 hijackers were here illegally; two had previous immigration violations."
Over FOUR THOUSAND illegal immigrants pour across America's borders EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is conservatively estimated that there are 10-12 MILLION illegal immigrants living in this country RIGHT NOW. And there's no way to tell who among them is a relatively "peaceful" lawbreaker... or a murderous Islamic terrorist, ready to inflict the next 9/11 or 7/7.
SOMEONE needs to take ACTION to bring attention to our wide-open borders, and SOMEONE needs to do something to STOP the flood of illegal immigration -- and the seditious arms and weapons trafficking it invites.
Well, SOMEONE IS. Last month, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and Minuteman Project volunteers stationed at watch points along our southern border prevented over 60,000 illegal aliens -- and who knows how many terrorists -- from crossing onto American soil.
As many as 20% of those crossing into U.S. territory illegally have criminal records. The work of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and the Minuteman Project has kept out tens of thousands of gang members and criminals -- criminals associated with extremely violent international cartels that traffic human beings, arms and drugs -- who would otherwise be walking our streets right now.
The British have no Minutemen. But we do -- and we need YOUR help to expand the effective, organized and disciplined efforts in their border watch operations:
TAKE ACTION: After the terrorist bombings in London, Rush Limbaugh remarked, "You know, the British have an immigration problem over there... That country's borders are wide open, and Islamists have been immigrating in the UK for years, and some of those Islamists are Islamofascists and militant Islamists, terrorists, and it's a large population over there now."
The British aren't the only ones with wide-open borders, and the resulting problems of illegal immigration. Let me give you just one example of what we're up against.
In Tombstone, Arizona -- just 20 miles from the U.S. southern border -- Homeland Security has several checkpoints on roads going north. This past Thursday and Friday night, those Homeland Security checkpoints were CLOSED.
You read that right -- the checkpoints were CLOSED, right after the major terrorist bombing in London! Half a mile from one of the closed checkpoints, several Minuteman volunteers and reporters riding with them watched as a car came and picked up a group of people that were hiding in a gulley. The Minutemen called in the Border Patrol, who pulled the car and discovered that, lo and behold, it was full of illegal aliens!
The Minutemen were on duty, while the folks from Homeland Security had gone home for the weekend! But that's nothing new -- Minutemen volunteers are on duty EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, often under threat of bodily harm from the relentless traffickers. And, of course, also under the relentless harassment and threat of multiple lawsuits from pro-illegal immigration groups like the ACLU.
But the Minutemen's effort in American vigilance isn't free. Nothing worthwhile ever is. That's why we need YOUR help RIGHT AWAY, as we expand beyond Arizona to California, Texas and New Mexico on the southern border, and Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho and Washington State on the northern border with Canada.
Are you willing to sacrifice $1000, $500, or $250... or $100, $50 or even $20... to help us do the job that our government refuses to do? PLEASE, click below NOW to make your best donation to
NOTE: is the new National Organization headquarters for citizen border watch and internal vigilance operations led by the original Minuteman border project founders. It is the only site authorized by Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist, who together organized the first Minuteman border watch.
Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who heard the wake-up call in London, and wants to help finally close the U.S. borders to illegal immigrants and potential terrorists! Thank you!
William Greene,
Chris Simcox, FounderMinuteman Civil Defense Corps
James W. GilchristJames W. Gilchrist, FounderMinuteman Project


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