Monday, September 26, 2005

Democratic evac plan in action....

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It's Bushs fault....riggghhht!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hanoi...errrr...Jihad Jane

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Violence Against Women Act

ALERT: In 1994, during the Clinton administration, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) introduced the "Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA). It passed, and was re-authorized in 2000; now, it's up for another re-authorization vote in the Senate, with support from plenty of groups like NOW and the Feminist Majority.
Sounds good, right? No one supports violence against women. So we should support the re-authorization of this Act, right?
Actually, NO -- at least, not as it's presently written. Somewhere along the way, VAWA became "a huge funneling scheme to radical feminist activists who use the funding to basically set up anti-men programs," according to Wendy Wright, senior policy director of Concerned Women for America, the largest women's organization in the country. Now, the Act "seems more to be about funding the radical left than about finding a solution," says Wright.
Gee, no wonder NOW and the Feminist Majority are so hyped on pushing this bill through.
Recognizing the need to protect women from violence, the Violence Against Women Act, as currently written, is DECEPTIVE in its purported aims and DESTRUCTIVE to American families and freedom. Well-intentioned lawmakers are being misled about its purposes and effects. Even feminist advocate Andrea Dworkin acknowledged that the original bill was enacted only because "Senators don't understand the meaning of the legislation that they pass."
The vote for re-authorization of VAWA is coming up SOON in both houses of Congress. We need to URGE our elected representatives to withhold or withdraw ANY support for this re-authorization bill, unless and until VAWA is significantly modified to END its gender-based discrimination and its funding of radical left-wing organizations.
TAKE ACTION: VAWA is a prejudiced act which violates the 14th amendment's guarantee of equal rights. It does not help male victims of family violence (who studies show are fully HALF of the victims), and it's explicitly written in such a way as to effectively eliminate help to male victims.
The political reality, however, is that this Act *will* be re-authorized (what candidate wants to go on record as being against women and children?). We can, however, *change* VAWA -- and a good start would be to rename it the "Family Violence Prevention Act," making the bill gender-neutral; amend it to explicitly prohibit denial of funding or services to any victims of domestic violence; and strictly prohibit funds from being used for any political purpose.
Click through NOW to urge your Congressman and Senators to withhold or withdraw ANY support for re-authorization of the "Violence Against Women Act" (S. 1197, HR 2876) unless VAWA is modified in both name and funding:
NOTE: Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help END the "Violence Against Women Act's" gender-based discrimination and its funding of radical left-wing organizations! Thank you!
William Greene,

Dear Voter

Dear Voter,
"You're born. You go to school. You work hard. You raise a family. You pay your taxes. And when you die, the IRS can tax you again. Taking as much as 55% of everything you've saved for your children. It's called the death tax. And it's wrong."
That's the beginning of a highly effective ad that the Club and its affiliates have run to educate voters about the Death Tax. It strikes a very responsive cord.
Now with the stunning Republican gains in the Senate, we have the best opportunity ever to once and for all get rid of the Death Tax. Democrats would prefer that this issue just go away.
We won't let it, not until the tax is gone for good.
The Senate, within the next couple of weeks, will likely vote on the bill already passed by the House that would repeal the Death Tax. Permanently. The only problem is that getting the 60 votes necessary is going to be very hard.
That's where we come in. We are launching a TV ad campaign to educate voters that their local Senators want to keep the Death Tax.
Most of our targets for the ad campaign will be Democrats, because most Democrats want to keep the tax. But some Republicans want to keep it too. Fortunately several of them are up for re-election next year, and primary challengers are rumored to be considering a race against them. So we may even pick up a surprising vote from a liberal Republican or two, if and only if, we let Republican primary voters know about the tax and the upcoming vote.
Add it up, and a full repeal victory is possible. Not likely, but possible.
If we can raise the money to run enough TV ads, we'll make things very uncomfortable, politically, for Senators who might want to keep the tax.
How much we do is up to you. Every penny we raise from this email will go to buy ads advocating repeal of the Death Tax in places where Senators can be persuaded to make a difference.
We have come so far, and so close to getting rid of this tax. We have to give it our all. Now. Anything less than a maximum effort may result in falling short by one vote. And that would be a tragedy.
Please donate as much as you possibly can so we can make the political pressure as unbearable as possible.
Thank you for your past support of the Club and our campaign for economic growth. Let's do what we can to get rid of the Death Tax now.
If you'd like to view the TV ad and read the accompanying press release to find out where the ads will be airing, CLICK HERE.
Best Regards,
Patrick J. ToomeyPresident,
Club for Growth
2001 L Street, NW, Ste 600
Washington, DC 20036
PH: 202-955-5500

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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History you don't hear about

The harrowing true story that reveals the vast extent -- and shocking cruelty -- of the Islamic slave tradeWhite Goldby Giles MiltonThis is the forgotten story of the million white Europeans, taken in chains to the great slave markets of North Africa to be sold to the highest bidder. Ignored by their own governments, and forced to endure the harshest of conditions, very few lived to tell the tale. Now, using the firsthand testimony of a Cornish cabin boy named Thomas Pellow, Giles Milton vividly reconstructs this disturbing, little known chapter of history in White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam's One Million White Slaves.In the summer of 1716, Pellow and 51 of his comrades were captured at sea by the Barbary corsairs. Their captors -- Ali Hakem and his network of Islamic slave traders -- had declared war on the whole of Christendom, inflicting devastating attacks on France, Spain, England and Italy. Thousands of Europeans were literally snatched from their homes and taken in chains to the great slave markets of Algiers, Tunis and Salé in Morocco.
Pellow and his shipmates were bought by the tyrannical sultan of Morocco who was constructing an imperial pleasure palace of enormous scale and grandeur, built entirely by Christian slave labour. Living conditions were appalling, and slaves perished in huge numbers. As a pragmatic convert to Islam, Pellow fared better, and became one of Moulay Ismail's personal slaves, where he would witness first hand the barbaric splendour of he imperial court, as well as experience the daily terror of a cruel regime. After 20 years, he escaped back to England -- one of the few who survived to tell his tale, which is retold here in all its bone-chilling horror and spine-tingling excitement.
"Lively, and diligently researched, a chronicle of cruelty on a grand scale." -- Sunday Telegraph (UK)
"Sensational." -- The Spectator (UK)

AND ANOTHER BOOK FOR YOUR PERUSAL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century"
European leaders have made sure of that -- as this hair-raising exposé reveals Eurabia by Bat Ye'or
That prediction -- by Middle East expert Bernard Lewis -- shocked Western politicians and intellectuals last year. But now another renowned historian explains why the Islamization of Europe will happen much sooner than even Lewis warned.
Bat Ye'or (the author of ground breaking works on the oppression of non-Muslims in Islamic societies) reveals in Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis that Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century not by accident, but by design. The political and cultural capitulation of Europe to Islam has come about by the plan and foreknowledge of European leaders. Recounting agreement after devastating agreement, Bat Ye'or demonstrates here that the Europeans, spooked by the oil crisis of 1973, sold their cultural soul for oil. European leaders entered into a long series of pacts with the Arab League to secure favorable oil prices -- and a steady supply of cheap labor in Europe in the form of massive Muslim immigration.
But the price was steep: Arab leaders made sure that the Europeans would do nothing to assimilate the immigrants into European Christian culture, but would in fact make extensive efforts to make sure that they retained their Islamic identity -- and even their attachment to the model of an Islamic state. The institution responsible for this transformation -- which continues to propagate its ideological poison -- is the Euro-Arab Dialogue that has been developed by European (especially French) and Arab politicians and intellectuals over the past thirty years.
NOTE: This hard-to-find book is NOT stocked in most bookstores. Order your copy today from the Human Events Book Service !
Nor is that all. Eurabia reveals that the Europeans had a darker motive as well: they actively sought Arab Muslim help to build the European Union itself, so that it would become the chief rival to American power -- not an ally, but a counterweight to the United States on the world stage. And now, over thirty years after their series of agreements with the Arabs began, their massive effort is bearing bitter fruit: the immigration they have encouraged, and the assimilation they have neglected, has created a restive and fast-growing European Muslim population that is nothing less than a dagger poised at the heart of Europe. European powers have slavishly and shamelessly adopted the Arab League's visceral hostility to Israel and other foreign policy mandates. The end result is that Europe is on the way to becoming not a superpower, but a cultural and political backwater -- an appendage of the Arab/Muslim world. The new Europe is not a light to the world, but an anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic monstrosity.
In Eurabia, Bat Ye'or continues the innovative research that has won her international renown as one of the world's leading contemporary historians, and provides an eye-opening guide to understanding the causes of the ever-widening crisis in Europe -- a crisis from which the cradle of Christian civilization may not recover.
"Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term 'Eurabia' as prophetic."
-- Niall Ferguson, author, Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power

Protect our borders

ALERT: Once again, radical Islamists have shown their true nature, murdering dozens of innocent men and women in London, and injuring hundreds more. The date of 7/7 -- the day of the London bombings -- will live in infamy with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, as a day when civilization was brutally, bloodily betrayed.
We share the sentiments of British Prime Minister Tony Blair: "We are united in our resolve to confront and defeat this terrorism." But are we doing what REALLY needs to be done to "confront and defeat" the determined, well-organized international enemy who attacks us? Are we taking even the most basic steps to AT LEAST make it difficult for terrorists to come in and set off bombs in cities across our nation?
NO -- because our government is doing almost NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal aliens into America.
As Michelle Malkin has written, "Remember: More than half of the 48 Islamic radicals convicted or tied to recent terrorist plots in the United States over the past decade either were themselves illegal aliens or relied on illegals to get fake IDs. Illegals participated in the first attack on the World Trade Center, the Los Angeles Millennium bombing plot and the New York subway bombing conspiracy. Three of the 9/11 hijackers were here illegally; two had previous immigration violations."
Over FOUR THOUSAND illegal immigrants pour across America's borders EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is conservatively estimated that there are 10-12 MILLION illegal immigrants living in this country RIGHT NOW. And there's no way to tell who among them is a relatively "peaceful" lawbreaker... or a murderous Islamic terrorist, ready to inflict the next 9/11 or 7/7.
SOMEONE needs to take ACTION to bring attention to our wide-open borders, and SOMEONE needs to do something to STOP the flood of illegal immigration -- and the seditious arms and weapons trafficking it invites.
Well, SOMEONE IS. Last month, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and Minuteman Project volunteers stationed at watch points along our southern border prevented over 60,000 illegal aliens -- and who knows how many terrorists -- from crossing onto American soil.
As many as 20% of those crossing into U.S. territory illegally have criminal records. The work of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and the Minuteman Project has kept out tens of thousands of gang members and criminals -- criminals associated with extremely violent international cartels that traffic human beings, arms and drugs -- who would otherwise be walking our streets right now.
The British have no Minutemen. But we do -- and we need YOUR help to expand the effective, organized and disciplined efforts in their border watch operations:
TAKE ACTION: After the terrorist bombings in London, Rush Limbaugh remarked, "You know, the British have an immigration problem over there... That country's borders are wide open, and Islamists have been immigrating in the UK for years, and some of those Islamists are Islamofascists and militant Islamists, terrorists, and it's a large population over there now."
The British aren't the only ones with wide-open borders, and the resulting problems of illegal immigration. Let me give you just one example of what we're up against.
In Tombstone, Arizona -- just 20 miles from the U.S. southern border -- Homeland Security has several checkpoints on roads going north. This past Thursday and Friday night, those Homeland Security checkpoints were CLOSED.
You read that right -- the checkpoints were CLOSED, right after the major terrorist bombing in London! Half a mile from one of the closed checkpoints, several Minuteman volunteers and reporters riding with them watched as a car came and picked up a group of people that were hiding in a gulley. The Minutemen called in the Border Patrol, who pulled the car and discovered that, lo and behold, it was full of illegal aliens!
The Minutemen were on duty, while the folks from Homeland Security had gone home for the weekend! But that's nothing new -- Minutemen volunteers are on duty EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, often under threat of bodily harm from the relentless traffickers. And, of course, also under the relentless harassment and threat of multiple lawsuits from pro-illegal immigration groups like the ACLU.
But the Minutemen's effort in American vigilance isn't free. Nothing worthwhile ever is. That's why we need YOUR help RIGHT AWAY, as we expand beyond Arizona to California, Texas and New Mexico on the southern border, and Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho and Washington State on the northern border with Canada.
Are you willing to sacrifice $1000, $500, or $250... or $100, $50 or even $20... to help us do the job that our government refuses to do? PLEASE, click below NOW to make your best donation to
NOTE: is the new National Organization headquarters for citizen border watch and internal vigilance operations led by the original Minuteman border project founders. It is the only site authorized by Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist, who together organized the first Minuteman border watch.
Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who heard the wake-up call in London, and wants to help finally close the U.S. borders to illegal immigrants and potential terrorists! Thank you!
William Greene,
Chris Simcox, FounderMinuteman Civil Defense Corps
James W. GilchristJames W. Gilchrist, FounderMinuteman Project

Monday, July 11, 2005

We are with you Britain.....

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Africa Aid 2

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Africa aid

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Liberty and independence

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Supreme Court decisions 2

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Supreme Court decisions

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Supreme Court Wars 2

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Supreme Court wars

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Don't abort me....pleeeeease!

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Look out, here she comes.....

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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Trained well....

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Support your troops!

The IRS being unfair....again......

ALERT: On Memorial Day, we remembered our war veterans, who gave their all for this country, so we could be free.
But we also need to remember those that are putting their lives on the line right now in our armed forces -- and aren't allowed to invest ANY of their combat pay in individual retirement accounts.
You read that right. Right now, if one of our brave soldiers serving in a combat zone wants to invest his earned pay for retirement, the IRS says NO. Because combat pay is non-taxable income, current Internal Revenue Service code prevents such money from receiving any additional tax benefit from being invested in an IRA.
That means, for example, that if a soldier spent most of 2004 in Iraq, his combat pay was almost entirely untaxed, which reduced his ability to invest in his own retirement.
It's the RIGHT thing to do to make sure our soldiers' combat pay is untaxable -- but it's WRONG to then tell them that they can't invest any of that pay in their own retirement account. Thankfully, Congress agrees, and they're pushing through legislation to correct this unfair situation.
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) has introduced H.R. 1499, the "Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities (HERO) Act," which seeks to change the tax code to allow soldiers earning hazard pay to be eligible for retirement account contributions.
The HERO Act would count hazard pay as taxable income for the purpose of IRA contributions while still keeping it tax-free for Internal Revenue Service purposes. The bill would allow soldiers to make the maximum yearly contribution to their retirement accounts, which increased this year to $3,500 for most taxpayers, though those over 50 can contribute more and still receive tax benefits.
THIS is the kind of common-sense legislation we need for our troops. If anyone has earned the opportunity to contribute to an IRA, it is these heroes.
TAKE ACTION: The HERO Act just passed the U.S. House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY. It's now gone to the Senate... and WE need to make sure it doesn't get stuck in committee.
As Rep. Foxx stated, "The purpose of hazard pay is to reward soldiers for their service, just as one goal of our tax code should be to encourage savings. The HERO Act is a common-sense, fiscally responsible piece of legislation that will help our servicemen and women without costing taxpayers a penny."
Click below NOW to tell your Senators to pass H.R. 1499, the "Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities (HERO)" Act:

NOTE: Be sure to forward this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help support our troops in this common-sense way. Thank you!


William Greene,

Fighting the UN

Thank you! Only minutes ago, the Paul amendment to prevent the U.N. from placing adirect tax on American citizens in order to fund its sovereignty-busting agenda was accepted by the U.S. House of Representatives. We won! Blocking the U.N. push for a global tax is a crippling blow to the world-government agenda.Your efforts -- and in no small way, your faith -- have paid off.Thank you. More battles lie immediately ahead, perhaps only hours away.ThePaul amendment to withdraw from the U.N. is coming up next. Momentum is with us. Send your message urging your U.S. representative to support the Paul amendment that would get the U.S. out of the U.N.To send your message, go to
What you do makes a difference.Kent SnyderThe Liberty Committee

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A little of this and a little of that......

MINUTEMEN DELAYED The new Minuteman volunteer border-monitoring project scheduled to begin in August along the California/Mexico border has been set back by six weeks.Not because of roadblocks or opposition by the White House and theACLU...but because organizers are being swamped with volunteers who want to take part in the effort. "We want to avoid preparing for 1,000 volunteersand having 3,000 show up," said a project organizer.The California effort is now scheduled to begin on September 16...Mexican Independence Day. How ironic is that?-
Chuck Muth

BORDER JOKE Did you hear the one about the illegal aliens crossing the border fromMexico into the United States chasing down Border Patrol agents begging tosurrender?Why? Because the word is out that once picked up and given a "notice toappear" at an immigration hearing, aliens then have a legal right to be inthe U.S. Of course, they don't bother to show up for their hearing, knowing that once in-country, the odds of being sent back are about agazillion-to-one.Only about 12 percent of aliens issued a "notice to appear" citation actually ever show up for their hearings. This scam is so common-place thatBorder Patrol agents now refer to the immigration citations as "notices to disappear."-
Chuck Muth

"IS YOUR SECURITY GUARD AN ILLEGAL ALIEN?"Is the private security guard watching over your home or office an illegal alien? If so, is the government doing enough to fix the problem? These questions must be asked because the inspector general (IG) of the Social Security Administration has discovered that a California-based securityguard company employed 4,321 people in 2001 whom the company did not correctly identify on W-2 forms, often an indicator that a worker is anillegal alien. The IG's office, however, believes current law prevents it from identifying this company not only to the public but also to the Department of Homeland Security and the State of California. More:
Terence P. Jeffrey

BIG GUVAMINT "We've never supported drug legalization, even in its 'medical marijuana' drag. Still, we can't help but feel uneasy about the Supreme Court's 6-3 decision Monday in Gonzales v. Raich, which held that the federal government can trump state laws permitting the possession and cultivation of small quantities of cannabis for purely personal use. . . . This was not a good decision for anyone who believes there are Constitutional limits on the federal leviathan."
- Wall Street Journal editorial, 6/8/05

"WHAT HAVE FEMINISTS DONE TO AMERICA'S FATHERS?"On Father's Day, Americans should ponder the appalling fact that an estimated 40 percent of our nation's children are living in homes without their own father. Most of our social problems are caused by kids who grow upin homes without their own fathers: drug abuse, illicit sexual activity,unwed pregnancies, youth suicide, high school dropouts, runaways, and crime.Where have all the fathers gone? More:
Phyllis Schlafly

Thursday, June 02, 2005


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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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Bryd is the EVIL DARK LORD

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What the Heck!!!!

"There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women - full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work - are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."- Mexican President Vincente Fox criticizing anti-illegal sentiment in theU.S. Can you imagine the uproar if a white Republican had made such a statement? Hoooo-weeee!!!


"It's no secret why (Mexican President Vincente) Fox goes so far as to provide illegals with tips on how best to avoid detection by our Border Patrol. At my local post office, most of the people in line with me are Latinos mailing postal orders to their relatives. I'm not suggesting that all those people are here illegally, but if only 10 million of them mail only 20 dollars a week back home, it amounts to $10 billion a year. That's a hell of a lot of pesos. Is it any wonder that Mr. Fox is in no rush to turn off the golden faucet?"
- Author and columnist Burt Prelutsky


"For 25 years, the conservative strategy has been to elect Republicans to rein in big government. But the beast has escaped and is back on a rampage -on the GOP's watch. We need a new generation of Ronald Reagan Republicans who, instead of making a separate peace with big government, will fight a containment policy that concedes not another inch of territory to the socialist agenda. Where that leader is now is anyone's guess. But it's doubtful he or she will be found in Washington."
- Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute

"Sen. George Voinovich says he'll vote against U.N. ambassador-designate John Bolton, but yesterday, in the manner of John Kerry, he voted for him first. . . . The Associated Press reports Voinovich explained the reason for his opposition: 'Voinovich called Bolton 'the poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be.' He said Bolton would be fired if he was in the private sector."How the heck would Voinovich know? The resume on his Senate Web site listsno private-sector jobs and a string of government positions beginning with the Ohio House in 1967 and lasting through the present, continuous except for a two-year gap between 1988 and 1990 - during part of which time he was campaigning for the Ohio governorship."
- James Taranto, Best of the Web, 5/13/05

"Society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one..."
- Thomas Paine

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Googles LIBERAL bias

ALERT: Do you think we have a hard time fighting against the left-wing bias of the liberal mainstream media?
Well you're right -- but it's worse than you thought.
Now, it turns out the people running the big search engines are liberally biased, too -- and they're CENSORING conservative search ad results!
Specifically, we're talking about the biggest search engine: GOOGLE. Everyone uses Google. It's even a verb now -- "I'll Google that to find out."
But it's also an advertising vehicle -- you can pay Google money, and they'll put your short ad on the right-hand side of the page of search results, based on what people are searching for.
Well, we saw that if you typed in "Tom DeLay", all of the ads were ANTI-DeLay ads. So, we took the time and spent the money so that our PRO-DeLay ad would show up too -- first.
But then we wanted to also put up an ad that exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats -- basically, showing how the Democrats are going after Congressman DeLay for things that they've done MUCH WORSE in. So, we copied one of the ads posted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee almost WORD FOR WORD, but changed "Tom DeLay" (the GOP leader) to "Nancy Pelosi" (the Democrat leader, who violated ethics rules much worse than what DeLay is accused of).
That's all we did -- we took the LIBERAL ad, and changed the words to make it a CONSERVATIVE ad.
And Google CENSORED our ad.
They pulled the ad, and the reason they gave was, "Google policy does not permit ad text that advocates against an individual, group or organization."
But the LIBERAL ad is still up. Click Here to take a look at the liberal ad; then look at our ad (and Google's rejection) by clicking here.
OUTRIGHT DISCRIMINATION! So now we need YOUR help to expose this blatant anti-conservative bias at the largest search engine on the planet!
TAKE ACTION: We're launching a major media blitz TODAY, with press releases to every media outlet in the country, plus broadcast interviews and an expose' on our weekly radio show this week. We're also placing this Action Alert across a network of major news websites, and dozens of blogs are already picking up this story. Google may think they have a "right" to apply their rules differently to different people -- but WE have a right to SPEAK UP when we see them exhibiting BLATANT liberal bias!
We need YOUR help. We've set up our site so that you can send messages to YOUR local media -- newspapers, television, radio, etc. -- DEMANDING that they report on the LIBERAL BIAS of the largest search engine in the world.
You can only send to five local media sources at a time on our system, but feel free to use our pre-written form repeatedly to FORCE the media to DO THEIR JOBS and report on this bias. Click here NOW to send your messages (we recommend you re-write the letter in your own words, to have a better chance of getting it published):
NOTE: For those who want to take more direct action, here are some contacts at Google:
Google Inc.1600 Amphitheatre ParkwayMountain View CA 94043 phone: 650-253-0000fax: 650-253-0001
Questions on "Ad Approvals" -
Media Contacts:Google Media Hotline 650-930-3555 or
Corporate PRDavid
Corporate PRSteve
Advertising PRMichael
Technology PRNathan
Consumer PREileen
We don't have to sit idly by anymore when we see this kind of anti-conservative, pro-liberal bias ANYWHERE. Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help DEMAND that the mainstream media report on Google's ideological discrimination. Thank you!
William Greene,

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Welcome to Ammm..uh..Mexico

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Friday, April 29, 2005


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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Truth hurts

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Both parties have issues

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How much you really give

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Misc 3

More "bullets" of random subjects of some interest.....

ALL-AMERICAN HEROES "I'm proud of every single one of you. You are not vigilantes. You are heroes."- Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, addressing yesterday a gathering of volunteers for the Minuteman Project, a border-monitoring efforts cheduled to kick off in Arizona on Monday
FIRED OUR GUNS BUT THE MARINES KEPT A'COMIN'"We are fighting. But the Marines keep coming. We are shooting, but theMarines won't stop."- A terrorist/insurgent in Fallujah, Iraq, overheard by Marines who were monitoring the terrorists' radio network last November, "Inside the Ring,"4/1/05
SENATOR WEBSTERPosted to a spirited discussion about Senate Bill 976 and illegal immigration, hosted by Monty Knight of NBC-17 (Raleigh) andfeaturing Donna Martinez, Cash Michaels, Marc Rotterman and bill sponsorRepublican state Senator Hugh Webster.Link to Senate Bill 976
MINUTEMEN BAG 18 ILLEGALS ON DAY ONE"Volunteers for an effort to patrol the Mexican border reported their first sighting of suspected illegal immigrants, resulting in 18 arrests, authorities said Sunday. Participants in the Minuteman Project spotted the migrants Saturday near Naco as the volunteers were surveying the border to familiarize themselves with area. When agents arrived, they apprehended 18 people, Border Patrol spokesman Andy Adame said."- Associated Press, 4/5/05
BOOSTING JOHN BOLTON"John Bolton's nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations got aboost this week when 59 ex-diplomats sent a letter to the Senate opposing his appointment. Along with North Korea's reference to Mr. Bolton as 'humanscum' and John Kerry's passionate disapproval, what more could the Senate want by way of recommendation?"- Wall Street Journal editorial, 3/31/05
WHAT'S IN SANDY'S PANTS"Far from merely taking copies of national security documents to 'refresh'his memory about Clinton administration anti-terrorism policies, (formerClinton National Security Adviser Sandy) Berger took five different versionsof a review of the Clinton team's record on terrorism written in 2000 byWhite House aide Richard Clarke. Each version contained unique handwritten notes or markings made by various high-level recipients of the memo. In other words, each copy could reveal the responses of various key administration players to Mr. Clarke's analysis of how the Clinton administration had responded to the rising threat of attacks on the U.S. homeland. For reasons known only to himself, Mr. Berger shredded three of the five versions of the memo in his office."- John Fund, Political Diary, 4/1/05
IS THAT YOUR WRIST? HERE, LET ME SLAP IT"For a guy who stole and destroyed classified government papers and thenlied about it, Sandy Berger is getting off light. Federal officials sayBerger has plea-bargained his way to no jail time, an infinitesimal $10,000 fine, surrender of his security clearance for three years and a promise to cooperate with investigators. A judge must okay the deal; if justice means anything he won't."- Lyn Nofziger, Musings, 4/1/05
FOOL-PROOF"One thing we do know about abstinence is that if you practice it, you will not have an unintended pregnancy or risk catching a sexually transmitted disease."- Bill Pierce of the Department of Health and Human Services, AssociatedPress, 4/1/05
STUPIDITY VIRUS STRIKES PUBLIK SKOOLS"At Daniels Farm Elementary School in Trumbull, Conn., (principal Gail) Karwoski's teachers grade papers by giving examples of better answers for those students who make mistakes. But that approach meant the kids often found their work covered in red, the color that teachers long have used to grade work. Parents objected. Red writing, they said, was 'stressful.'"The principal said teachers were just giving constructive advice and the color of ink used to convey that message should not matter. But some parents could not let it go.So the school put red on the blacklist. Blue and other colors are in. 'It's not an argument we want to have at this point because what we need is the parents' understanding,' Karwoski said...."The color has become so symbolic of negativity that some principals and teachers will not touch it. 'You could hold up a paper that says 'Greatwork!' and it won't even matter, if it's written in red,' said JosephForiska, principal of Thaddeus Stevens Elementary in Pittsburgh. He has instructed his teachers to grade with colors featuring more'pleasant-feeling tones' so that their instructional messages do not come across as derogatory or demeaning."At Public School 188 in Manhattan, 25-year-old teacher Justin Kazmark grades with purple, which has emerged as a new color of choice for many educators, pen manufacturers confirm. 'My generation was brought up on right or wrong with no in between, and red was always in your face,' Kazmark said. 'It's abrasive to me. Purple is just a little bit more gentle. Part of my job is to be attuned to what kids respond to, and red is not one of those colors.'"- Associated Press, 4/5/05
YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID"How on Earth are we preparing our kids for the real world when we're worried about their (and their parents') self-esteem over the color of ink used to grade their papers? We're turning out another generation ofignorant candy asses who will be completely unable to discern the difference between a private investment account and one controlled by the government.I ask you to consider the chances our nation has to survive in freedom and liberty so long as we depend on the government to educate our children."- Talk show host Neal Boortz
FAMOUS LAST WORDS"If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every State, county and parish and pay them out of their public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union; they may assume the provision of the poor; they may undertake the regulation of all roads other than post-roads; in short, every thing, from the highest object of state legislation down to the most minute object of police, would be thrown under the power ofCongress.... Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America."- James Madison

Misc 2

More "bullets" about random subjects.....

TODAY'S REAL MONEY QUOTE"In short, S.359, the Craig-Kennedy Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2005 (better known as the AgJobs bill), amounts to an amnesty for a class of illegal aliens. While the proponents insist it is something else - for example, 'hard-earned legalization' - there is nogetting around the fact it hugely rewards people for coming to this country illegally. And, as we have seen with previous, misbegotten immigration amnesties, the effect is to encourage more people to do so."- Frank Gaffney Jr. of the Center for Security Policy
PLUGGING BORDER HOLES "Dozens of would-be illegal aliens sat huddled in the desert less than a mile south of the U.S.-Mexico border late Sunday night, stopped by a blockade of civilian volunteers protesting the government's immigration enforcement policies," reports the Washington Times today. "So far, 118 illegal aliens have been arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol based on calls from Minuteman volunteers along a 20-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border,where limited patrols began Friday."Who would have thought that simply monitoring the border would deter illegal crossings? Duh.-Chuck Muth


A bunch of "bullets" on many subjects.....

WHO TO BLAME"So when you pull up to the pump this week and see that you're paying almost$2.50 for a gallon of gas, don't blame George Bush....don't blame the oilcompanies....and don't blame the gas station. Blame your friendly neighborhood environmental leftist who won't allow any new refineries to be built and opposes oil exploration in this country at every turn."- Talk show host Neal Boortz
A TALE OF TWO LIARS "Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to federal investigators. But for lying after stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives - in an apparent attempt to alter the historical record on terrorism, no less - former Clinton national security adviser and Kerry campaign adviser Sandy Berger will get a small fine and slap on the wrist. He will pay $10,000 and get no jail time. His security clearance will besuspended until around the end of the Bush administration -- meaningless for a career Democrat like Mr. Berger. It makes us wonder who at the Department of Justice is responsible for letting such a serious offense go virtually unpunished."- Washington Times editorial, 4/5/05
Where is the feminist movement? Oh, Samuel "Sandy the Burglar" Berger is aliberal. Hypocrites!
SHAFTING VETERANS "Many military veterans were shocked to see that the federal budget for 2006makes several cuts in veterans benefits and services. Under the proposed budget, the Veterans Administration will increase once again the co-pay costof prescription drugs, while adding a new annual fee for medical benefits.The budget also calls for the reduction of veterans home funding and limits the number of VA nursing home beds. Some members of Congress have even suggested rewriting the definition of 'veteran' in a way that could deny VA health benefits for millions of retired servicemen."...It's easy to talk about honoring veterans and their sacrifices, evenwhile the federal government treats veterans badly. Congress wastes billions of dollars funding countless unconstitutional programs, but fails to provide adequately for the men and women who carry out the most important constitutional function: national defense."- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), Texas Straight Talk, 4/4/05
CROCK THE VOTE"(The Rock the Vote) people are actually selling 'I love Social Security' bumper stickers, shirts and more. Is there a better way to show your friends and neighbors that you have completely lost all touch with reality?Here we have a system where they have to cough up 14% of their earnings every single paycheck, and that money is either (a) sent to current SocialSecurity recipients; or, (b) spent by the Congress on some of theirvote-buying schemes. In return for your so-called 'contribution' you aretold that you will receive some sort of a benefit when you reach a certainage. The benefit is not guaranteed, and the age can be changed. And you're supposed to love this system?"- Talk show host Neal Boortz
FAMOUS LAST WORDS"The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others."- Thomas Jefferson

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You can't make this up

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Monday, March 28, 2005

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Our next Prsident?

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The Navy at it again

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rummy testifies

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Democrat supports SS privatization


(AP) Rolls of blank social security checks run through printers and are processed Friday, Feb. 11, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) - A second Senate Democrat said Friday he was open to President Bush's idea of letting people divert some of their Social Security taxes to personal retirement accounts as Republican Party leaders tried to allay re-election fears among wavering GOP lawmakers.
Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said any plan should be bipartisan, in part to give lawmakers from both parties political cover for supporting major changes to such the popular retirement program.
"I don't believe that we should rule out the accounts," Carper said Friday in an interview. "We have a very low savings rate in this country and clearly need to find ways to stimulate savings, and I think we should be open to a wide range of ideas and not dismiss them out of hand."
Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., also has said he is open to discussing the private accounts, saying he wants to see details.

(AP) Senator Jon Corzine, D-N.J., discusses President Bush's proposed changes in Social Security during...No Senate Democrat has signed onto a Social Security bill, and most say they are absolutely opposed to taking money from the traditional Social Security system to create these accounts. Several Democrats do like the idea of creating personal accounts on top of regular Social Security benefits.

More under first comment........

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What transition costs?

The below describes the "transition costs" of Social Security. Most of the article is in the first comment.

Robert Novak

WASHINGTON -- In the more than 41 years that I have been writing columns, nothing has generated more unfavorable comment from conservatives than my Dec. 6 report on Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's Social Security plan. He would finance the transition costs for private Social Security accounts by raising payroll taxes. Of all the outraged critics from the Right who contacted me, economist Larry Hunter had the most pungent rebuttal: "There are no transition costs."
If that is so, I asked Hunter, can you write me a one-page explanation to buttress your remarkable claim? Nearly a month later, he gave me three single-spaced typewritten pages plus four colored graphs. Actually, they portray an increase in federal expenditures forced by private accounts -- that is, transition costs. Hunter's point: There would be no long-term net transition costs. Doing nothing will cost much more, beginning as early as 35 years from now. (Hunter's analysis will be published by the Institute for Policy Innovation.) That amounts to no real transition costs. The problem with this argument is that we are talking about red ink far into the future when nearly everybody now debating the issue will be dead. Although it is a difficult argument to make, it looks like the only alternative to Graham's proposed higher payroll tax payments in the upper income brackets.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Clinton for UN?

The rest of the message is in the first comment.

Special message from: JESSE HELMS (Ret.)
Dear Fellow American,
For 30 years I proudly served in the United States Senate representing the people of North Carolina.However, I realize full well that some of my good friends and fellow conservatives in the remaining 49 states may say that I also represented them -- especially when it came to issues of foreign policy.Simply put, you could not have found a U.S. Senator more motivated than I was when it came to bringing about the fall of communism.That's why, when I served on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I did everything in my power to help our President, Ronald Reagan, bring about the demise of the evil empire.
For decades I worked hard and prayed hard that freedom and democracy would spread across the globe so our children and grandchildren could be safe and free.In 1991, I was deeply moved as I watched the sacrifices of the United States taxpayers and our brave men and women in uniform fulfilled as the Berlin Wall came crashing down.Thirteen years later, hard-line communists in the former Soviet Union have been relegated to the back benches of the political system and the struggle for individual and economic freedom is beginning to prevail.
Today, I'm writing to you from my home state of North Carolina because I NEED YOUR HELP to continue to spread freedom: see, as a former Navy seaman and as one of the leading conservatives in the U.S. Senate, I know the real battle for freedom on this earth can no longer be solely focused on communism.Instead it must be focused on the war on terrorism and the power-hungry United Nations.The focus of this letter today will be on the latter -- the UNITED NATIONS.

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Part 5

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Part 4

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part 3

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What the MSM will not show part 2

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What the MSM will not show....

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Ted ,hiccup> Kennedy

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Al Jazeera exclusive conclusion

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Al Jazeera exclusive

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Terrorists attack America(n)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am a conservative........

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Presidential hopeful?????????